Simon Betton

Simon Betton

Lead/Staff Software Engineer

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Vercel: High-Performance and Scalable Cloud

With over about 17 years of experience in web development, I have established a wide-ranging portfolio that reflects my proficiency in problem-solving and creating bespoke digital solutions for a diverse client base, spanning from innovative startups to industry-leading brands. By utilising the capabilities of Vercel’s infrastructure, I ensure the delivery of fast, secure, and scalable web applications that epitomise modern, high-performance web projects.

My commitment to performance, cost-efficiency, and scalability is demonstrated through the optimised solutions I deliver, thanks to Vercel’s capabilities. I take pride in developing solutions that align perfectly with my clients’ specific needs and objectives, thereby driving business growth and enriching user experience. For anyone seeking a seasoned software engineer with a strong focus on high-performance hosting solutions with Vercel, I am here to offer my services and expertise.

Available for after-hours freelance Next.js development. Get in touch!